Budget >>>

Each year Resolute will develop a budget using historical data, data from similar buildings, experience, and owner input. This budget will be strictly adhered to as expenses are incurred throughout the year.

Contract Services >>>

Because of the scope of work performed by Resolute Investments, favorable pricing may be achieved as a result of increased volume. The portfolio currently managed by Resolute allows the company to have significant pull with vendors who are interested in securing and maintaining contracts.

Tenant Retention >>>

After a tenant signs a lease the most important aspect is that they feel taken care of. Resolute responds to service calls on the same day and is often able to address the issue on that same day. If we are not able to solve the issue that day we keep in regular contact with the tenant to keep them informed of status

Rent Collection >>>

Resolute takes a hard line on collection of rent. The lease terms dictate the payment terms and the tenants are fully expected to abide by the lease terms, just as the tenant fully expects the landlord to abide by the lease.

CAM Reconciliation >>>

A year-end CAM reconciliation must be performed on all properties to ensure the pass through expenses are correct and in line. A review is conducted to be certain that every allowable pass through expense is properly documented, billed, and received.

Financial Reporting >>>

Transparency is paramount, thus we will provide a monthly reporting package that includes the following:

  • Budget Narrative
  • Operating Statements
  • Variance Report
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bank Statements
  • Accounts Receivable Report
    • Resolute can also customize a reporting package based on the owner’s needs.

Construction Management >>>

Resolute can oversee the tenant improvement process or any capital improvement process from start to finish. We have partnerships with architects and contractors that allow us to complete space planning and budgeting on the front end at no cost to the owner. This allows the owner to make a qualified decision when negotiating the tenant improvement allowance in conjunction with a lease deal.

Reserve Planning >>>

Maintaining the common area elements of a property is important to protect the value of your asset. Funds must be available in order to expense the replacement, repair, and/or upgrade items of a capital nature when they become necessary.

Lease Administration >>>

Lease administration requires accurate and organized records to ensure all lease issues are properly documented. Important dates are logged into our accounting and property management system to ensure that rent bumps are anticipated, pass through billings are reviewed, and notification dates are met. As issues arise with tenants, leases and related documentation are reviewed to be sure all parties are properly abiding by the agreements.

What People are saying about Resolute

“I am an HOA board member and have been very happy with Resolute Investments as our property manager. They are a big improvement from past management. As a Board member, I have worked closely with Resolute Investments and they have been very responsive, knowledgeable and thorough in all aspects associated with our association. I would highly recommend Resolute Investments.”

Alex Strickland, Board Member,
Arrival Centre OA

“We have enjoyed working with Resolute. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with everything that we have needed assistance with. It has been such an improvement over our previous property manager.”

Valerie Gullarian, CFO
Sunset Stone

Please Contact Jennifer Heede
Office: 720-875-9807
Email: jheede@Resoluteinv.com